Change the world without changing your job!

Social enterprises and charities all around the world are constantly asking for professional help. These organizations often lack proper funding, making impossible the hiring of capable professionals to move forward their projects.

At The Social Mind, we know well that charities are in great need of others’ collaboration. This collaboration is, most of the time, unpaid. For many professional out there, this may not sound so attractive.

But there are strong reasons why everybody with a valuable skill should be helping these organizations. The reasons we have identified may be also considered as substantial benefits for all the parties involved.

In the following lines, we will address not only the reasons but also the perks that we have found in collaborating with non-profit organizations that are trying to make a long-lasting change in our society.

Transforming ideas into positive changes

The world and the way it works need to be constantly changing in order to provide wellbeing to an increasing number or individuals. There are situations that need to be attended and governments all around the world aren’t always on the same page as the people who is suffering.

That’s why value-providing ideas on a social level are so important. Countless social enterprises and charities are fighting hard to change people’s lives by proving health, education, and safety in many ways.

But these changes cannot happen without the hard work of trained people, capable of transforming the initial idea into a real thing. By helping charities, professionals can make real that change and be part of it. The world gets better thanks to their effort.

Lack of funding as a reason for social stagnation

In this very moment, there are social enterprises and charities closing their doors because of the lack of funding. They probably had remarkable initiatives to make this world a better place but, in the absence of government and people’s donations, they simply found a dead-end.

Professionals out there can eradicate the lack of funding as one of the most common reasons why these organizations disappear.

Funding isn’t always destined to buy medicines, food, or textbooks. In many charities, money is used to pay developers, lawyers, designers, marketers, doctors, teachers, and other professionals that represent a key element in their social projects.

Building a strong portfolio

Not only social enterprises and charities benefit from the collaboration that they receive from professionals. All those volunteers who are actively helping non-profit organizations are creating an outstanding portfolio that can boost their careers.

If you feel selfish for this thinking this way, please, stop. People should not help these organization only because for the personal benefit, but this is a strong factor that creates healthy motivation in professionals, especially in those who are recent graduates.

In this tough world we live in, inexperienced professionals have little chances of landing a job. That’s why helping charities become an attractive idea to accomplish two valuable objectives at the same time: actively building a portfolio and pushing forward value-providing social projects.

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