Are You Doing Something that the World Needs?

Young professionals are always full of dreams, just like in previous generations.

Some want to become millionaires, others have a tranquil life away from the city noise. But most of them, at some point, realise that they need to do something that the world really needs in order to be fulfilled both personally and professionally.

Are your current job and lifestyle allowing you to do something that the world needs? We hope so. Working and creating with a social end in mind isn’t only something noble or high-minded. It also represents our duty to the society, a serious commitment we have. What you do isn’t only for your own benefit.

The World Demands Visionaries

You may think that there are too many leaders, visionaries, and hard workers already. Why get out of your comfort zone and try to make a difference yourself? Of course, this is the wrong approach. The world population exponentially increase while we suffer a serious lack of first-class visionaries.

It’s true that there is a lot of people trying hard to make something that the world needs, but most of them quit when the very first deception or challenge takes place.

If you chose to do something that changes nothing, improves nothing, and provides nothing, you may feel a painful lack of purpose. This situation can easily make you question your decisions regarding professional life.

Anything You Know is Valuable

People who weren’t doing something that the world needs, at some point, decide to reconsider their professions and take a different road. But what most of these individuals end up thinking is that they don’t have the necessary skills to make a difference.They don’t feel capable and that’s a toxic sensation.

Truth be told, anything you could possibly know is highly valuable if you want to support world-changing initiatives. Social enterprises, for example, are always looking for voluntary help from people who want to contribute. These particular individuals often don’t have a specialised set of skills or a long résumé.

What they have is a determination to make a positive difference in the world and the willingness to learn new things during the process.

Don’t Ask for Answers

Asking other people if you should be doing something that the world needs or if you are doing it already could be a bad idea. The human beings that surround you, even close friends and family, don’t’ know what is happening inside you.

If you want to know if you are already doing something positive and long-lasting for the world, ask yourself that question. You are the only one capable of recognising what is happening within and how to interpret it.

Negative feedback is way more abundant than positive, constructive one. And unfortunately, if we are in existential doubt, harsh feedback will do more harm than good.

In the third sector, countless social enterprises and charities want to hear from conscious people. If you want to do something that the world needs, supporting the initiatives you are passionate about may be the best first step to make.

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