Social entrepreneurs, Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Being a social entrepreneur is hard. Not only are you attempting to build a viable organization, but you’re also attempting to change lives in the process. No individual can do this work alone. It takes team members, board members, volunteers, funders, partner organizations, and more to actually make the work happen.

Leaders of any kind should know the areas where they excel and where they are weak. Social entrepreneurs must similarly know what aspects of the work they can do best themselves and where they must rely on others for support.

These could be areas such as strategic planning and marketing, or areas such as leading meetings and cultivating relationships with donors. In those weak areas, social entrepreneurs must be willing to ask for help to receive guidance or training from those around them or to delegate the tasks. How can you identify areas where you may need help?

The Social Mind helps you identify what skills and resources and also matches you with the help needed.

Just like any surgery, you go with a problem and leave with a solution or steps needed to help you fix it.

Leave the pride behind and don't be afraid to ask for help!

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