The Social Mind: It's a match!

Whilst the team at The Social Mind we are working away making connections and matching the right expert to the right project, we wanted to share some of the amazing initiatives and projects we have worked over the last couples of months.

Working with Abigal, Founder of we rise.

We Rise is a new community business that aims to grow a generation of enterprising young people in Brixton. They coach disadvantaged youngsters to work on real projects so they develop skills, connections, and learn how to create value for local businesses and organisations.

Abigal, Founder of We Rise, requested support in branding the launch event and assistance with social media artwork.

The Social Mind connected her need with a fantastic branding expert and designer who helped turned the project around within days.

Find out more about this amazing project and support at:

Working with Amani, Founder of Project Yogi.